Top Tips to Keep Rabbits Cool in Summer

Top Tips to Keep Rabbits Cool in Summer

Your rabbits can be moved from their hutch into a cooler area. A fan can be used for cooling the air and creating airflow. But, it is best to not blow the fan directly on the rabbits. You can cover any wires with a Rabbits Cool in Summer cover to prevent your pet from chewing dangerous electrics. You can cover the run with a cold, rungout towel to provide shade. A fan can be mounted on the towel to reduce the temperature. To avoid your rabbits being drenched, make sure you don’t cover the entire run.

Rabbits don’t like to swim so they shouldn’t be encouraged to jump into a pool. Instead, freeze large quantities of water or ice and wrap them in a clean tea towel. Then, place the hutch in the freezer. This way, your rabbits can cool off if they feel too hot.

A self-cooling mat can be purchased that can be placed on the hutch’s floor. It will lower the temperature and provide relief from the heat.

You can use slates or marble tiles to make a run. Make sure it is cool enough that your rabbits have the ability to lie down on it. The tiles can heat up if they are placed in direct sunlight so make sure to keep them in the shade.

Your rabbits should have plenty of water, both cool and fresh.

For a nice cold treat, you might soak your rabbits’ greens in icywater or freshen them from the fridge.

Wild rabbits live underground in warrens. Rabbits can stay cool by digging soil or getting out into the sunlight. You might want to consider adding a manmade run or warren to your rabbit’s home in order for them stay cool and happy.

You can brush away any fur that is too long or too thick. This will make the pet feel more hot and uncomfortable.

You can dampen your rabbit’s ears by using a wet cloth, or a fine mist if they are comfortable. You can speed up cooling by letting them lose heat through the ears.

What are the symptoms for heatstroke in rabbits

  • Weakness, lethargy
  • Panting
  • Reddening in the ears
  • Salivating
  • Confusion
  • Convulsions

What should I do when my rabbit gets heatstroked?

You should not let your rabbit swim in cold water if they seem to be suffering from heatstroke. Instead, you can cool their ears and fur with coolwater and contact your veterinarian immediately.

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