Facts about rabbits

A lonely bunny is one bunny

Rabbits are social creatures. They are most happy when they are with their own species. A neutered male and a neutered female is the best combination. If left alone, they can become very sad and depressed.

They can live up to 12 years.

Rabbits can live up to 12 years. Before you get rabbits, think about how long you can care for them.

They are masters at hearing

Many rabbits can turn their ears 180 degrees. This rotation can pinpoint exactly where a sound is located. Wow.

They have good eyesight.

Although rabbits can see almost 360 degrees, their eyes are closed at birth.

They are closer to wild rabbits that you might think

Although they may be domesticated in different breeds and colours, their outlook on the world is very similar to their wild relatives. They are prey species, meaning they are hunted in the wild. Their life is about survival and they are always alert. Many rabbits are afraid of being picked up. They may hide, bite, or run away if they feel threatened.

Rabbits communicate with secret codes

It’s not a secret code. But you might be forgiven for believing it because of their subtle body movements. When they feel worried, rabbits will clench their jaws and shift their body positions. These are signs that you won’t see if you’re not watching. This is why they are often misunderstood, and don’t receive the proper care.

Baby rabbits are known as ‘kittens’

Cute. Cute.

Rabbits are not good friends with guinea-pigs

These pets were once considered a perfect match. Experts now recommend that they be kept separate. They communicate using different methods and require different diets. Injuries can also be caused by rabbits to guinea-pigs.

Some ferries ban rabbits

Legend has it that many sailors died after eating rabbits transported to eat on 17th-century ships. Brittany Ferries prohibits you from bringing your rabbit along if you want to cross the Channel. You wouldn’t want to, as rabbits can find long car journeys very stressful.

Rabbits are prone to having overgrown teeth.

Most overgrown tooth problems can be avoided. Numerous owners have to make multiple visits to the vet after their rabbit develops a tooth problem or an associated mouth problem like abscesses. Although some problems are genetic, most rabbit tooth problems can be avoided by giving your pet the right food.

Rabbits require a steady supply of fresh grass or hay to eat. In fact, 90% of their daily food should contain the stuff. A constant supply of grass and hay is vital for their digestive and dental health.

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