How to tell if your dog is at a healthy weight

Dogs need to be healthy in order to live an active and healthy life. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility ensure they are healthy. When it comes to your dog’s weight, the most important things to consider are how intensely it exercises and how often.

In-depth research by Purina Petfood and professional animal nutritionists was conducted in 2002. It revealed that dogs who eat a well-regulated diet can live nearly two years longer. This is quite remarkable considering the average dog’s lifespan is between ten to thirteen years. It is clear that maintaining your dog’s healthy weight is beneficial. But how can you tell if your dog has reached the right weight?

You can check if your dog is overweight or underweight by visiting your vet. However, there are simple ways to determine if your dog needs a lifestyle change.

Profil Analysis

Dogs should have a higher abdomen than their ribcage. This means that their underside should gradually slope upwards toward their rear.

A steep incline indicates your pet is underweight. Conversely, a low incline or no incline means your dog is overweight.

You can check your dog’s profile by lowering yourself so you are at eye level with it and looking from the side.

Examining the Rib

You can also check if your dog has excess weight by placing your thumbs on its spine and then rubbing your hands against the ribcage.

If your pet is healthy, you should be able feel their ribs underneath their skin and coat. However, if they are overweight or obese, you won’t be able.

You should look with your hands, not your eyes. Dogs can get their ribcage obscured by their coats.

Overhead Inspection

A healthy weight dog will look like an hourglass shape. You can see its face by looking down and standing directly in front of it.

Ideally, you should be able see the waistline behind the ribs.

If your pet’s individual ribs are clearly visible and its waist is more narrow than its ribcage then it may be underweight. However, if your pet’s waist is not in line with their ribs, or bulges past them, then it might be overweight.

You need to adjust the lifestyle of your dog depending on whether it is overweight or obese. It is possible to over-exercise your pet and give it low-calorie food. This is where a specially-formulated working dog food would be ideal. It’s designed to give dogs plenty of energy, and has a variety of vitamins and minerals to help them get back to a healthy weight.

You should also consider increasing your dog’s exercise and changing his diet to a light one. Dog owners need to take action against obesity, as nearly half of all dogs in the UK were overweight in 2014. You can give your dog grain-free dog food if they have a tendency to get upset stomachs after eating certain foods. This will help with digestion and reduce bloating.

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