Introduce your cat and new company


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Introduce your cat and new company

Introduce your cat are more comfortable being with their own company and will prefer to be alone. This means that you need to make sure they get used to people and pets. We have some tips for keeping your cat happy while you travel, whether you are thinking of buying a pet or introducing a dog or cat to the family.

If your cat is a good friend of people, but you have to go away,

Some cats love to be left alone while others prefer being with people. If your cat enjoys company, make sure they don’t go too far on their own.

When you go on holiday, ensure you have someone to care for your cat. You could ask family members, friends or a housesitter to look after your cat. The most important thing is that they are responsible and trustworthy, as well as someone you feel comfortable with. Check out our guide for what to do if you are going on holiday with your pet.

If you’re buying a new cat

Cats are more comfortable living alone so it is important to think about whether you want another cat. Although most cats will get along with their ancestors, some cats may not like the idea of having to live with another cat.

If you are considering getting another cat, it is important to take your time and introduce them properly. Our guide on introducing cats will cover everything.

Remember that cats who are not friendly with one another don’t like sharing food or water. They are also not fond of sharing their food, water, litter and beds with each other. Give your pets enough space so they don’t have to be close together. Also, make sure they can get everything they need without having them pass each other.

If you are buying a new pet dog

Dogs and cats can develop close friendships, but it’s important to be careful when introducing your cat to a new dog friend. It is best to introduce them slowly and make sure they get along well. Our guide to introducing cats to dogs has lots of helpful tips to keep both cats and dogs happy and relaxed as they get to know one another.

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