What are “bear hunting dog” breeds used for?

The sport of hounding is not limited to a sport. Bear hunting dog can be used in certain areas to manage rising bear populations. However, modern non-lethal methods include Karelian bear hunting dog that scare away bears.

The number of bears that roam Russia’s northern rural areas is increasing as the polar ice melts.

This creates conflict between small-town residents and the massive (and endangered!) Polar Bears.

We hope that all parties will seek a peaceful solution to bear hunting with dogs. This is especially important considering that we humans are the ones destroying their natural habitat.

North America could soon be facing a similar problem, and wildlife and law enforcement are looking for solutions.

Bears that have become too familiar with people are either put to sleep or euthanized. Both of these options are far less effective.

Although hounding can be used to “population control”, it is not allowed in all cases. However, these partly inhumane tactics could be replaced with a completely different approach.

The Wind River Bear Institute has created a plan that involves dogs, but it is non-lethal.

The following steps are taken to keep bears away from dogs such as the Karelian Beardogs:

  • Recognize bears that get too close to people and/or too familiar with them
  • Bear hunting dog are used to scare bear cubs (resembling Coyotes on the loose stealing bear cubs)
  • The dogs follow the bear and bark until it is released.
  • They trap the bear if he or she has become accustomed to a particular spot and bring the dogs in to scare him.

Other methods, such as firing rubber bullets, can also be used

Unfortunately, not much literature exists that discusses this method of controlling bears.

Most (outdated) research papers instead focus on traditional bear hounding and it’s efficacy.

Even though I don’t have a lot of money, I tried my best to compile a list of breeds that are traditionally used and could possibly be introduced in a more modern manner.

A dog breed that successfully works bears is a great addition to the traditional ways of doing things.

Dogs have not been injured in any way.

Bears should not be unnecessarily killed

  • There is no compromise on safety in campgrounds or National Parks.
  • Karelian Bears Dogs were able to locate evidence of poaching, and have saved polar bear dens close to oil or gas fields.
  • This type of bear control is not suitable for all areas, however (remember residential areas).
  • This is in addition to the labor required to train and raise these dogs. However, it is also more labor-intensive to control bears.
  • Now that you are familiar with non-lethal bear hunting with dogs and hounding, what breeds of dogs do you prefer?

Top Bear Hunting Dog

Bear hunting is a very popular hunting activity. It is also one of the most dangerous. Travelling into bear territory can prove fatal because they are predatory. Expert hunters take their dogs along when hunting. Bear hunting dog are able to sense the scent of bears from a distance. These dogs can spot bears up to a kilometer away and will lead you to one within minutes. They can be your bodyguard and protect you from any bear attack.

Dogs have been hunting partners for over a thousand years because of their abilities. Dogs have been an integral part of society for thousands of years and they are still considered one of the best friends of humanity.

There are many dog breeds available today, but not all can be used to hunt big predatory animals. Here are the top 10 bear hunting dog breeds that you can use to hunt the bears.

Top Bear Hunting Dog

The Golden Retriever

One of the most handsome hunters is the Golden Retriever. Although anyone can easily be blinded by the golden fur of this dog, it can also make hunting a serious business. These dogs are adaptable to all types of terrain, whether it’s a dry marshland or a dusty savanna. The innocent, affectionate and curious personality of this dog hides its ferocious and ruthless nature. This breed can sense bears up to a kilometer away and can help you become a successful hunter.

The American Foxhound

These bear hunting dog were created for hunting. These dogs are relentless hunters that will hunt down any animal that is huntable, including bears and foxes. American foxhounds are considered the best hunting dog. The pack leader can sense bears up to a kilometer away and lead the pack to them. They can run for hours at once. They only stop when they smell the animal they are hunting.

The German Wirehead Pointer

One polite dog that can be used to hunt bears is the German wirehead pointer. The bear hunting dog can sense smell from miles away and locate prey. They are suited for warmer climates due to their thin fur, but they can’t be taken into colder areas. They can run miles without getting tired and are well-suited for hunting large prey like bears.

The Bloodhound

Bloodhounds are one the largest and most bulky dog breeds. Because of their hunting and smell sense, these dogs are a favorite among hunters. They hunt in packs of four, with the leader leading them to their prey.

The Irish Setters

They are a sight to behold and can fool anyone. These dogs have soft brown fur and are great for catching bears in cold areas. These dogs are strong and agile and will attack any large animal. The Irish setters are a mix breed of Irish bear hunting dog and fearsome African bear hunting dog. This breed can be a serious threat to large bears if they are hunted down.

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