Pet Adoption

Dog Adoption Tips

Dog Adoption Tips

Adopting dogs is a great way to give shelter animals or rescues a loving home. While people often want to bring a new puppy into their home, they may not consider the details of how to raise it and the commitment required. This is why many animal owners abandon their responsibility as down-owners and give their pet away to the shelter. Consider adopting from a shelter before you visit a pet shop or start looking online for a family dog.

Here are some things to remember before you adopt a furry friend

These are some things to consider before you begin the adoption process. You and your puppy will have a smooth transition if you take the time to review all details. Here are some tips to help you understand the finer details of adoption and what it means for you and your animal.

Energy Level

There are many types of dogs, each with their own energy levels. You need to be able to handle the dog’s energy levels in order for them to thrive. Pugs and Bulldogs may be a better choice if you are unable to physically exercise a high-energy dog. A Jack Russell Terrier and Border Collie are great choices if you enjoy being active and mobile.

Your Lifestyle

Consider your work hours. Are they preventing you from spending time with your pet? Do you have a hectic schedule that makes it impossible to take your dog to vet appointments, go for walks, or exercise? Are you often on the road for work, pleasure, or both? Consider the life expectancy of your chosen breed. Dogs can live for more than ten years. You need to be ready to take on all of the responsibility associated with dog ownership.

Your Future

Your future goals and dreams are important. Do you have plans to have kids? Do you expect a change in your work schedule or a job? Many dogs end up in shelters because of these changes and other unforeseen circumstances. You can choose another time if you know ahead of time what could affect the adoption process.


How stable is your current home? Is there a move in your future? Do you have a child who is going to college? Dogs take time to adjust and settle in. You might consider adopting your pup after you’ve settled in to your new home. It can be a great way to relieve stress and frustration for both you and the dog.


Are you able to take care of all your dog’s needs? All investments that you should be ready to make include vet bills, quality food, treats and toys, leash, collar, and dog bed. You don’t have the financial means to own a dog, but it is essential that you plan ahead.


Do you have small children or a baby in your household? You must teach your children boundaries. Young children aren’t able to comprehend them. You should consider the type of dog that you are looking for and ensure it behaves calmly around children.

Home Environment

Which is your current living situation? Are you living in an apartment or a house? If this is the case, your landlord will need to confirm whether you are allowed to have dogs, what breed restrictions they have, and if any pet fees apply. It is a smart idea to check if any other animals live in your apartment and to consider how you will interact with them. How is your apartment set up? Is there enough space for your pup to roam freely? If you have smaller quarters, a German Shepherd may not be the right fit.

Other pets

Do you have pets? How will they react to another pet in your home? Consider the different breeds of dogs you have and how they get along.

Slobber and hair for pets

Do you like a spotless home that is always clean? Do you find pet hair and slobbery surfaces annoying? It might be worth considering the breed or accepting the fact that your pet will need to be cleaned up daily.


Your shelter will be a completely different environment for your dog than it is at home. Spend some time with the pup outside his kennel to observe how he behaves and how he gets along. Your observations may require some training, but it shouldn’t stop your family from adding a furry friend.

Tips for a Stress-Free Adoption

Once you have taken the time to think about the details of pet adoption and are ready move on, you can consider the other details before making your final decision. Dogs can be adopted at any time. The goal is for everyone to have a seamless transition.

The experts are your best bet

You can communicate with staff to get their opinions on the mannerisms and behavior of the dogs. Ask the shelter staff to help choose the best dog. They are familiar with the pup and will gladly assist you in finding the best match.

Multiple Visits

We advise that you do not adopt a pup at the first meeting. Make sure to take the time to visit the shelter several times. Spend time with your dog and see if you are a good match. It will listen if you play with it. The transition to adoption can be made much smoother if you have already begun to build a connection.

Dogs’ age

There are several stages for dogs, which can make it difficult to choose the right dog for you. Although the puppy stage is cute and adorable, it’s important to remember that they will require more training.

A senior dog may reach a stage in their lives where they have less time and are starting to slow down. An adult dog has been trained and is still eager to play. Take into account your lifestyle and how it affects the age of your furry friend.

Choose from a variety of breeds

You must choose a breed that is compatible with your lifestyle, environment, energy level, and other factors. This will ensure a successful pet adoption. If you’re adamant about the breed you want, it may be worth checking with rescue groups or shelters to see if they have one.

You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re anxious about a furry friend. However, we encourage you not to settle and to accept the suggestions of experts. Shelter staff can provide insight into many breeds.